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Hi Friends….

                                I’m Subamathi Dhanaraj from Madurai, India; I am graduated in computer science (MCA). My Mom is a great cook, she is my inspiration for cooking, i used to help her in the kitchen when i was young. I was amateur in cooking and the poor fellows to eat my amateur cooking were my twin brother and one of my friends across the street. My hobbies are poster making, rangoli and art. In fact I participated in fine arts competition and won prizes. But later my passion for cooking started once again when I get married. My husband loves varieties in foods and I love varieties in cooking. I got bored by doing the same way of Cooking so I determined to do it in a fun way.

                             The main reason to start this site is my Family and Friends. My parents are the best and they encouraged me all the time, without them I am nothing.  I should mention about my husband who is the first one to taste all my Foods :-) , he is very kind and supportive.  Another reason for starting this web site is to get more and more friends like you (friends means Energy) and i wish this could serve as a platform to share all my recipes and ideas. I also include my nail art ideas, art from waste and kid’s lunch box ideas, this site is more about food and health. I like to know your opinion and feel free to post your commends, Thank You :-) .


60 comments on “About me
  1. Josephine says:

    hi suba,
    I am very happy to see your web site. i am very poor in cooking.My husband like panner. i want to learn different recipe based on panner.

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Jose..!
      sure soon i will post paneer recipes and i already posted some tofu recipes (just replace paneer instead of tofu)… thanks :)

  2. Jasper Justus says:

    Hi Suba,

    My name is Jasper and I have seen a your Briyani Video and it’s too good. I’m from Nagercoil and me too completed my MCA :) and I work in IT. Now I wish to make a nice Chicken Curry and surprise my wife (as I have never cooked in my life). Have you posted any video on that. Let me know.
    Thanks and I’m so impressed browsing your website. All the best.

  3. Mercy victor says:

    Hi suba, u also give ideas to cook variety with d same method which is like buy 1 get 2 free.. I just saw how 2 make meen kulambu as well as prepare brinjal, vendakai, pulses by same method….as I’m staying in Singapore even going 2 restaurant does,nt give my home taste (bangalore) so have 2 cook myself for my husband who is interested in variety like ur man. Thanks yar…. Continue ur Gud cooking…..

  4. sathiya says:

    Dear sister really thank for you I miss my home at least 10 year am in gulf recently watch the YouTube video I prepare urundai kulambu same I think like you sister

  5. kanmani says:

    saw few of your reccipies. it was good. by the way, are u currently in US?

  6. akshaya says:

    your receipes are so good..:) can yo make a video of pudina pulao,kara chutney !! pls..!!

  7. sumitha says:

    my name is sumitha thank you your receipes. i am very happy to see your web site. i am very poor cooking. so Continue your cooking daily different different menu welcome.

  8. Steffi Christopher says:

    Hi Subha,

    Thank you for the Tamil video on Chicken Biriyani. It came out so amazing. I started cooking very recently and found it really tough to follow recipes online. But the way you presented the videos (specially with the timings and quantities) was impressive. I followed the video to the dot and my chicken biriyani came out really well. Wish I could send you the pic :)
    Thanks once again! Post more videos!!

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Steffi Christopher..!
      You are Welcome..! Thanks for your Complement..! Happy for You..! Yes i wish to see the pic..! Sure and Thanks again for your Support..! :)

  9. Raaja says:

    Your site and videos are very good, Thanks, Good time for me to start cooking at least for myself LOL, yes I am a bachelor, working for an IT firm, learnt cooking Sambar and Rasam when I was in the USA. Now really very interested to try cooking all the dishes to avoid eating from Hotels, really appreciating your work, Keep it up Sis. – Raaja

  10. வணக்கம் சகோதரி,

    நான் ரவிச்சந்திரன் சென்னையில் இருந்து. தங்களின் மீன் குழம்பு மிகவும் எளிதாகவும் புரியும்படியும் இருந்தது. தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் பணி

    • subamathi says:

      வணக்கம் சகோதரர்..!
      உங்கள் ஆதரவு என் வலிமை ..! நன்றி :)

  11. bubbloo says:

    hi subha ka… i lov cooking… but am jua a beginner .. love to cook more new recipes.. saw yur video today on makng fish curry.. and i tried tdy.. it cm ot so gud.. thanks alot.. can u upload some paneer recipes.. thank yu so much :) :)

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Bubbloo..!
      Thank you for your support..! am very happy that you tried my recipe and it came out well…!Sure in future i will post more and more recipes including paneer recipes…! Keep Supporting me..! Thank You…! :)

  12. sathya says:

    Dear suba
    Recently I come to know about your website. I’m also very poor in cooking. U r site very useful to me to make variety of dishes. Thank you.

  13. loganathan says:

    Dear Mam,

    Really really good. Simple & healthy food. My wife did few dishes from your post & very nice.



  14. Sinthu Ezhil kumaran says:

    Dear suba,

    Your site is very informative and great. I am in Singapore always refer your site for South Indian food. May pray god for your good health and continuous reading

  15. anitha says:

    hi suba ,your blog is awesome..
    can you please give the preparation of malli podi(madurai side)….
    which is used to make all kind curries in normal days….

  16. samyraj says:

    Hi Suba,
    Could u pls help to make katharikkai vathal Kuzhambu..

  17. Thiru says:

    First thank you so much. Its very helpful for bachelor to prepare different variety food. Its very tasty.

  18. prabakar says:

    your receipes are so good. can yo make a video of chinese noodles masala powder preparation.bez i like chinese noodles.but inside noodles pack masala (added ajinomoto and colour powders in huge level )not effective !! so i need masala powder preparation method. pls..!!

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Prabakar..!

      Thanks..! I never tried chinese noodles with homemade masala powder..! I usually prepare noodles using Italian herbs and Thai style..! If i try i will let you know..! Thank You :)

  19. Jubair says:

    Hi Suba, Your website is super, full of recipes in South Indian style, I love varieties in foods and preparation methods, keep up your good work.

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Jubair..!

      I like to post All the Popular South Indian dishes first..! Then will post other country dishes..! Thanks for your encouraging comments :)

  20. dhivya says:

    Hi suba,
    This s divya here from malaysia.I Saw ur meen kulambu recipe and its variation.I did both meen kulambu for myself and my son and vendakka kulambu for my husband as he doesnt like fish curry. Thanku for ur ideas.keep posting more recipes.

  21. vimalkumar says:

    Hi Subamathi,

    This is vimalkumar from Wisconsin.I saw chicken briyani recipe videos which you have been posted in youtube it was really helpful for me.Thank you so much.

    Could tell me how to make masla powder.

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Vimal..!

      Thanks for your support..! What kind of masala powder? I already posted
      Homemade Chettinad Masala and Homemade Sambar Powder under basic masala powder menu..! Hope this may help..! :) Thanks

  22. Vidya says:

    I like all your recipies…I keep watching in YouTube especially you Meen Lulambu WoWWWWW….

  23. Anbu says:

    dear suba,
    I tried to cook fish colambu today then I tried some vidous by YouTube eventually I found vidous and website..
    Your fish colambu recepie was really good I
    felt like as mom cooked and it was really teasty as well.. am big fan of you now thank you..


  24. Moorthi says:

    I tried your chicken biriyani receipe I saw on Youtube and came out really good. Thank you.

    Do you have mutton biriyani link that you can send me?

    Thanks again

    • subamathi says:

      Hi Moorthi..!

      Thank you for your Support! Glad that it came out really good..! Happy for you..! Mutton biryani recipe is coming soooon…! Sorry for not posting videos now a days..! soon will be back in this Diwali..!
      Thank you :)

  25. Naresh Kumar says:

    Good one :) thank you for your good work

  26. Renugahariraj says:

    Hi sister i am renuga from erode near Kumarapalayam.u r fish curry recipe was very useful for me also very easy method to cook.thank you so much.please tell me how to make mushroom gravy.

  27. Meenu says:

    Awesome suba..I am average in cooking..and when ever I cook urundai kulambu..I used see ur videos..every time I do it comes awesome..thank you..recently I tried Madurai style chalna.. Thank you for ur job…keep adding more recipes..

  28. Sal says:

    Hi Suba!
    My name is Sal. My native is Tirunelveli .. Madurai is my Grandma’s Native…

    Keep continuing this Good Work,..

  29. Durai says:

    Hi mam,
    iam durai from Singapore today prepare ur meen kulambu rescipe its nice thk u soo much.

  30. Subash says:

    Hi Suba,

    Thank you for your every video u make. Your effort and skills are amazing. I wonder if you please suggest me one thing. For a bachelor, normally how much grocery item requires per month and what are the items needed. I am a non-vegetarian ( mutton, chicken, fish, egg),and fond of our tamil foods currently live in Australia. Can you please send list of items in English-Tamil-amount need for an entire month. I search all the sources in net and adding to my list. However, it would be really helpful if I get it from experts:-)!! keep post many videos and please send my mail id if possible( ns.chandrabose@gmail.com)

    Thank you

    • subamathi says:


      Sure Brother..! Bachelor’s videos are coming Soon..! Everything is already in Process..! Thanks for your Support..!

      Thanks You :)

  31. Sellakumar says:

    Hi Suba,

    Today I saw your fish preparation video in YouTube. It is very helpful to me and all bachelor’s. Keep posting all kind of receipi. Thanks you.

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