Ribbon Pakoda Deepavali/Diwali Snacks

Ribbon Pakoda/Seeval Recipe:

This is very easy and yummy snacks goes very well with tea/coffee. Like kara sev this is also little bit spicy. Ribbon pakoda is also called as seeval. This is prepared out of rice and gram flour, also plays a role during festival season. Thanks for visiting my web page, try it and feel free to post your comments. See you soon with another recipe bye..! Thank You :)

ribbon pakoda 1 (Large)


2 cup Rice Flour

1 and 1/4 cup Gram Flour/Kadalai Maavu/Besan

1 tsp. Asafoetida

1 tsp. Turmeric Powder

1/2 tbs. Red Chili Powder/to taste

1/2  tbs. Salt/to taste

! tbs. Sesame Seeds

2 tbs. Butter (Keep it in a room temperature for  20 mins)

2 cup of Water

Oil for Deep Frying


ribbon pak sp1 (Large) ribbon pak sp2 (Large) ribbon pak sp3 (Large) ribbon pak sp4 (Large) ribbon pak sp5 (Large) ribbon pak sp6 (Large) ribbon pak sp7 (Large) ribbon pak sp8 (Large) ribbon pak sp9 (Large) ribbon pak sp10 (Large) ribbon pak sp11 (Large) ribbon pak sp12 (Large) ribbon pak sp13 (Large) ribbon pak sp14 (Large) ribbon pak sp15 (Large) ribbon pak sp16 (Large) ribbon pak sp17 (Large) ribbon pak sp18 (Large) ribbon pak sp19 (Large)

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