Quick Masala Egg Fry Recipe

Easy Masala Egg Fry:

This masala egg fry recipe is very simple and taste good..! I use to prepare this recipe during get-together to surprise my guest..! This masala egg fry is not only easy and also very healthy because we utilize only 1 tsp. of oil for making this recipe..!

This spicy masala eggs goes very well with white biryani, pulao, jeera rice and even fried rice..! Feel free to adjust the ingredients for your taste..! Thanks You..! Feeling very happy to share this recipe with you all..!

boiled egg fry7 (Large)


Red chili Powder to taste

Coriander Powder to taste

Cumin Powder to taste (cumin must be always less than other masala powder)

Few Turmeric Powder (Optional)

For Boiled Egg Recipe:

Boiled eggs as required (feel free to increase/decrease masala powder as per ratio of eggs added or to taste)

For Scrambled Egg Recipe:

Eggs as required


boil egg fry sp1(1) (Large) egg fry sp1 (Large) egg fry sp2 (Large) egg fry sp3 (Large) egg fry sp4 (Large) egg fry sp5 (Large) egg fry sp6 (Large) egg fry sp7 (Large) egg fry sp8 (Large) egg fry sp9 (Large) egg fry sp10 (Large)

Video Recipe for Quick Masala Fry:

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