Yummy Oil Free Athirasam

Athirasam Diwali snack:

Hi athirasam is one of the best traditional South Indian snack usually made during festival seasons. The  doughnut  like pastry has a long history of popularity in Tamil civilization. They are similar in shape to methu vadai, but are not savoury and are eaten as a dessert. It is very healthy dessert..! Usually athirasam will be very oily since they made out of dried soaked rice flour (so it needs to be pressed with a flat bottomed bowl to remove the excess oil),but here i am going to show you oil free athirasam. It is not only oil free, it is also gluten free which is very good for hypo-thyroid patients. It is one which is top in the list when it comes to the matter of Diwali sweet preparations in the Tamilians home.

Let get Started :)


athirasam 2 (Large)

1 cup raw rice(soak and dry; then blend into fine powder)/ homemade rice flour

1 cup store bought rice flour

1 and 1/2 cup paagu vellam/jeggery

1 regular spoon ghee

1 tsp. cardamom powder

1 tsp. sukku/dry ginger powder

1 cup water

oil for frying purpose


athirasam pics1 (Large) athirasam pics2 (Large) athirasam pics3 (Large) athirasam pics4 (Large) athirasam pics5 (Large) athirasam pics6 (Large) In the above picture, add 1 cup water to the paagu vellam/jegerry..! Sorry about that..! :(
athirasam pics7 (Large) athirasam pics8(1) (Large) athirasam pics9 (Large) athirasam pics10 (Large) athirasam pics11 (Large) athirasam pics12 (Large) athirasam pics13 (Large) athirasam pics14 (Large) athirasam pics15 (Large) athirasam pics16 (Large) ----- athirasam pics18 (Large) fo athirasam pics20 (Large) athirasam pics21 (Large) athirasam pics22 (Large) athirasam pics23 (Large) athirasam pics24 (Large)



Video for this Athirasam recipe in Tamil with English Subtitle:

Sorry for spelling mistakes :O lol

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