Carrot and Peas Rice Ball with Taro Root Fry

Carrot and Peas Rice Ball with Taro Root Fry:

pic 1 (Large)


¾ cup Rice

1 tbs. Carrot Finely Chopped

1 tbs. Peas


1.  Taro Root Fry:

  • Cook the taro root and season them using homemade masala powder and Salt.
  •  Deep fry or Shallow fry them.

2. Cook the Rice Along with Carrots and Peas (Don’t forget to add Salt).

3.  Let the rice cool down completely.

4.  Then start making small rice balls using your palm hand.

5. Then decorate them with your own creativity.

6.  For lunch box ideas try silicon (Reusable) rice ball cups.

7. Perfect for kids and grown ups.


  • You can also make rice ball using Saran Wrap/ Rice Ball Maker.
  • Instead of taro root, you can also try potato fry.
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