Puffy Poori and Urulaikilangu Masala/Potato Masala

Puffy Poori and Urulaikilangu Masala/Potato Masala:

Poori-Fried Indian Flat Bread is very famous in India where it is enjoyed at all meal times by all age groups qually. The perfect Poori is pale golden in color and puffed up almost like a ball. In most of the restaurants, Poori is usually served with Poori Masala/Poori Kizhangu (Potato Masala Curry). Potato Masala prepared with potato and onion is the perfect combination for Poori and hence I posted both the recipes together. Poori will be taste better only if it is served with Poori Masala. The other side dishes will come only next to this. Keeping Pooori Masala inside the dosa is called Masala Dosai. So left over Poori Masala can be used to prepare another popular South Indian dish called Masala Dosai :) .

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Ingredients to Make Poori Masala:

3 Medium Size Potatoes

2 Medium Size White Onions (Chopped Straight)

1 Medium Size Tomato (Chopped Finely)

10-12 Fresh Garlic Minced Finely

Few Curry Leaves

10-12 Green Chilies / To Taste (Chopped Straight)

1 and ½ tsp. Turmeric Powder

1 tsp. Mustard Seeds

½ tsp Urad dal/ Ulutham Paruppu

1 tsp. Fennel Seeds

1 tsp. Chana Dal/ Kadalai Paruppu (Optional)

2 tsp. oil

Salt to Taste

2-3 tsp. Oil

Steps to Make Poori Masala:

  1. In a pressure cooker, add medium size potatoes and cook for 2 whistle; once done remove the skin and cut them roughly; keep it aside.
  2. Then in a cooking pan, add 2 tsp. oil followed by mustard, urad dal, fennel seeds, curry leaves and green chilies; once they fried add minced garlic and cook for 30 sec; then add chopped onion and turmeric powder.
  3. Once the onion turns into transparent stage, add the chopped tomato and cook the tomato until soft and smooth.
  4. Then add the mashed potatoes and required salt and water (do not add to much water).
  5. Bring to boil stage and turn off the heat once masala turns into correct consistency.
  6. Serve with Poori / Dosa.

How to Make Puffy Pooris:

Click the Following Link to Make Dough for Poori:



  1. Makes small ball out of it. These will depend on how big a fryer you have. We intended to make poori of small size.
  2. Roll it out into small flat circles with thin-medium thickness. Don’t make it too thin else it will come out crispy.
  3. Repeat for all dough. Alternatively heat oil for deep frying.
  4. Once the oil is ready; now drop the poori into the oil. While the poori is slowly coming to the surface, make sure to keep ladling in the hot oil on the surface which helps the poori to puff up.
  5. Turn into other side and cook until pale golden color (do not overcook).
  6. Place it on paper towel to drain off any excess oil. If fried right, it won’t retain oil.
  7. Serve hot with Potato Masala.

Video for Poori and Potato Masala Recipe in English:

Video for Poori and Potato Masala Recipe in Tamil:

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