Mini Uttapam

Mini Uttapam:

Uttapam is just like a bun dosa with tasty toppings on it; it is popular dish in South India and it’s very healthy too; because we need only less oil to prepare this..! Try it and Enjoy :)

mini uthappam (Large)


Dosa Batter

Onion Finely Chopped 1 Cup

Carrot Shredded 1 Cup

Green Bell Pepper Finely Chopped


  1. First, in a frying pan, add very little oil followed by chopped onion and fry for 2 minutes; Keep it aside.
  2. Then in the same pan, add ½ tsp. of oil followed by shredded carrot and fry for about 2 minutes; and then keep it aside.
  3. Start frying the bell pepper in the same way and keep that ready.
  4. Then in a dosa pan, pour ½ cup of dosa batter (do not spread) and sprinkle 3 drops of oil and required cooked onion (you can also add chopped raw onion if you like).
  5. Then flip the dosa, once you see the holes forming on top of it.
  6. Follow the same methods to prepare mini uttapam with carrot and bell pepper topping.
  7. Serve with any Chutney :) .


We can also use idli podi to make podi dosa. Try ghee instead of oil, so that kid’s will like it.

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