Mini Bread Pizza Bites

Mini Bread Pizza Bites:

Easy to cook and healthy for kids; Very cute bite size invites the kids to eat and also improves self-feeding..! Happy this simple lunch ideas to every super mom in this world..! J Try it and feel free to leave your commands..!

mini pizza bites (Large)


3 Slices Bread

1 cup Mozzarella Cheese

½ Red Pepper diced into small pieces

½ red onion chopped fine

3-4 Mushroom cut into small pieces


  1. In the baking sheet place the bread pieces; then on top of the bread pieces, spread all the veggies evenly followed by mozzarella cheese (arrange just like pizza).
  2.  In the Preheated oven; place the baking sheet and bake the bread until the cheese melts.
  3. Once done; cut the corner sides of the breads; we don’t want that.
  4. Then cut the pizza bread into any shapes; here I cut them like mini squares.
  5. Serve and Enjoy :)


You can use any types of bread, veggies or meat and cheese.

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One comment on “Mini Bread Pizza Bites
  1. sivakumari says:

    Hi suba
    your pizza bread is so yummy.thank you somuch for giving the wonderful pizza.

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