Coriander, Mint, Onion and Tomato Chutney

Onion and Tomato Chutney:

This is very easy and tasty Chutney Ever…! Am very glad to share this recipe to Everyone..! Eating mint and coriander leaves is very good for health..! Tasty and healthy chutney…! Try it and Enjoy..! :-)


1 Medium Onion chopped roughly

2 Medium tomato Chopped Roughly

2 Medium Garlic

½ cup Cilantro Fresh Leaves

½ cup Coriander Fresh Leaves

10 to 12 Curry Leaves

4 to 5 Red chilies

2 tbs. Coconut (frozen or fresh)


  1. In a fry pan, start by adding oil followed by onion, garlic and cook until soft.
  2. Then add the chopped tomato and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
  3.  Then add the mint, cilantro and curry leaves; cook for another couple of minutes.
  4. Finely add the red chilies and coconut; cook for 1 minute and grind them once cool down.
  5. Perfect for dosa and idle.

Coriander,Mint, Onion and Tomato Chutney Video in English:

Coriander,Mint, Onion and Tomato Chutney Video in Tamil:

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