Easy Chicken Fries

Chicken Fries:

CF 10 (Large)


3/4 cup Boneless Chicken

2 tbs. All-Purpose Flour

1 tsp. Ginger Garlic Paste

½ tsp. Black Pepper

Salt to taste

5 tbs. Bread Crumbs (I used Italian Style Bread Crumbs)

Oil to Fry


  1. Start by adding all-purpose flour in a small mixing bowl; then add ginger garlic paste, black pepper and salt to taste; then add very little water and mix them very well and make fine paste.
  2. Then coat the chicken with all-purpose flour and then coat by bread crumbs and let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Once the oil is ready; then start frying them in a medium heat until golden brown.
  4. Serve Hot and Enjoy.


Always add very little water to avoid observing more oil.


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3 comments on “Easy Chicken Fries
  1. mam your all items super mam i loved

  2. All items r super mam i loved

  3. subamathi says:

    Thanks :)

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